Eric Weiler


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Behind the scenes look at the making of New Day




For his first studio album New Day, Eric Weiler chose to break the mold from what many expected from his first solo outing. Joined by Matt Morgan on Bass, Tez Sherard on Drums, and Adam McFarlane on Keyboards these ten songs cross ever genre from pop to blues. In the end all of Eric’s influences were blended up into a sound all his own. The album is a mixture of rock, catchy pop choruses, and memorable roots songs all sprinkled with a little bit of that blues guitar style he has become known for. Songs like "Home To Me" bring back a little of that 90's college rock vibe, "Falling For You" is a tip of the hat to a gentlemen we all know as Eric Clapton, "A Million Miles" takes you on a 3:00 am ride on an open highway and "Fade Away" will take you back to your old days while closing it out with a touch of that southern gospel sound. 

Album features: Matt Morgan on Bass, Tez Sherard on Drums, Adam McFarlane on Keys, Nathan Cummings & Erica Berg on Backing Vocals