Welcome to the home of Eric Weiler's musical journey on cyberspace. Thank you for taking the time to check out this page. Please feel free to explore, check out the music, join the mailing list and/or enquire about booking. I do my best to keep this page updated but sometimes life gets a little busy. Feel free to click HERE to find Eric Weiler on Facebook and click HERE to follow the new musical project J-E-T as well. Hope to see you all at a show soon.



January 7th Joe Jones Blues Jam 7:30pm

January 9th EWG Smiley’s 7:30pm

January 15th JET/EWG jam Tip It Back 7:30pm

January 16th JET Reuben’s 8:00pm

January 22nd JET Smiley’s 7:30pm

January 30th EWG Craft And Barrel 7:30pm

March 6th JET Reuben’s 8:00pm

March 12th JET Bar Figaro 8:00pm 

March 13th EWG Smiley’s 10:00pm

March 19th JET Pour Tap 8:00pm

March 20th EWG Hall Of Fame 2:00pm

March 26th JET Smiley’s 10:00pm

April 10th EWG Smiley’s 10:00pm

April 16th EWG Tip It Back 9:00pm

April 17th JETClemson Blues Fest 2:00pm

April 18th Smiley’s Colt,Waite and Weiler 8:00pm

April 17th EWG Blockhouse 7:00pm

April 23rd JET Smiley's 8:00pm

April 24th EWG: Southside Brewing 6:30pm

May 1st EWG Abbeville Spring Fling 2:00pm

May 1st EWG Craft and Barrel 8:00pm

May 8th EWG Smiley’s 8:00pm

May 22nd EWG: Reuben’s 8:00pm

May 28th JET Smiley’s 10:00pm

June 3rd JET Jazz On The Alley Seneca, SC 6:00pm

June 5th JET Trail Blazer Park 6:00pm

June 10th Eric Weiler Quartet Rainer’s 8:30pm

June 12th EWG Smiley’s 10:00pm

June 18th Tip It Back 9:30pm

June 19th JET Reuben’s 8:00pm 

July 23rd JET Smiley’s 10:00pm 

July 9th JET Main Street Fridays 5:50pm

July 10th EWG Smiley’s 10:00pm 

July 16th EWG Tip It Back 9:30pm

July 17th EWG Craft and Barrel 9:00pm

July 18th EWT Hall Of Fame 6:00pm 

July 23rd JET Smiley’s 10:00pm 

July 24th JET Reuben’s 8:00pm 

July 29th EWG Rainer’s 8:30pm

July 31st EWG Southernside Brewing 6:30pm 

August 14th EWG Smiley’s 10:00pm

August 19th JET Jazz On The Alley 6:00pm

August 20th EWG Tip It Back 9:30pm


August 27th JET Smiley’s 10:00pm

August 28th EWG Powdersville Pub 9:00pm

September 11th EWG Smiley’s 10:00pm

September 16th EWG Rainer’s 8:30pm

September 17th EWG Tip It Back 9:30pm

September 22nd EWG Reedy River Series 5:00pm

September 24th JET Smiley’s 10:00pm

October 1st EWG Private Party

October 2nd EWG Hall Of Fame 3:00pm

October 8th. EWG Sweet Sipping Greenville 8:00pm

October 9th EWG Smiley’s 10:00pm

October 15th JET Powdersville Pub 9:00pm

October 16th EWG Fountain Inn 7:00pm

October 22nd JET Smiley’s 10:00pm

Oct 23rd EWG Sweet Sipping Simpsonville 8:00pm

October 29th EWG Esso Club 7:30pm

November 5th EWG Sweet Sipping Greenville 8:00pm

November 6th EWG Craft and Barrel 9pm

November 12th EWG Rainer’s 9pm

November 13th EWG Smiley’s 10pm

November 19th EWG Tip It Back 9:30pm

November 20th EWG Powdersville Pub 9:00pm

November 26th JET Smiley’s 10:00pm

December 3rd JET Powdersville Pub 9:00pm

December 4th EWG Craft and Barrel 9:00pm

December 11th EWG Smiley’s 10:00pm

December 17th EWG Tip It Back 9:30pm

Dec 18th EWG Eastside Bar And Grill 7:30pm

December 24th JET Smiley’s 10:00pm


Introducing the new trio J-E-T!


J-E-T is a Greenville, SC based supergroup comprised of three powerhouse musicians Joe Jones, Eric Weiler and Tez Sherard. Through the years their musical paths have crossed many times. Joe, Eric and Tez have always chatted about doing a project together and now the time has arrived. The players really need no introduction and their resumes speak for themselves. 



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